A series of nature-based books for middle-grade readers

Book 1: Taking Flight

Taking Flight makes learning fun; it conveys important biological concepts by relating them to personal experiences. It’s brilliant!”

—Joni Ellis, founder and director, Optics for the Tropics

Book 2: Racing with Butterflies

Racing with Butterflies is engaging, fun to read, and accurate in its depiction of monarch natural history—it will draw in young readers while helping them understand why we should all care for monarchs.” 

Dr. Scott Black, executive director, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Book 3: The Everywhere Bear

The Everywhere Bear is a wonderful recipe for inspiring youth to learn about the wild animals that live amongst us—and the simple steps we can take to keep them safe.”

—Bryan Peterson, executive director, Bear Smart Durango

Book 4: Making a Splash!

Making A Splash will make a fabulous, educational read for any young person interested in wildlife and the outdoors.”

—Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder and executive director, Save the Frogs!

Book 5: We All Are One

“In this captivating journey of discovery, we learn the importance of treading lightly on this planet so we don’t cause harm to our wild neighbors. ”

—Beth Pratt, California director, National Wildlife Federation