A series of nature-based books for middle-grade readers

Book 1: Taking Flight


Will Izzy make friends in her new school?

Izzy’s family is moving to a big city at the end of the summer, and she is filled with anxiety. She’ll start fifth grade at a new school where she doesn’t know anyone. Meanwhile, a bird Izzy names “Señor Wilson” also faces a big move. He’ll soon migrate south for the winter—a journey full of peril. As Izzy’s adventure unfolds in parallel with Señor Wilson’s, it seems Izzy’s worst fears may come true. It’s only by finding her inner confidence—with a little help from her friends in The Nature Club—that Izzy can find her wings and fly.

ISBN 978-1-7329156-0-2

Book 2: Racing with Butterflies


  Will Tai’s horse ride in the rodeo?

Tai and his horse, Dune, are preparing for a rodeo competition. When Dune mysteriously becomes ill, a neighbor blames the milkweed plants in Tai’s pasture. When Tai learns monarch butterflies depend on milkweeds, he becomes conflicted. How can he save both Dune and the butterflies? Things get more complicated after Tai’s mother, who is separated from his father, visits. Are his parents getting back together? As Tai’s story unfolds in parallel with a butterfly he names “Dana,” he learns relationships are more complicated than he thought. With his friends in The Nature club, Tai finds a way to help Dune, the monarchs, and his family.

ISBN 978-1-7329156-1-9

Book 3: The Everywhere Bear


 Will Brooke kick her candy habit?

When Brooke’s eyesight gets blurry, her skin breaks out, and her energy lags, she shrugs it off. While her eating habits might not be the greatest, she can’t imagine giving up sweets. Meanwhile, an animal starts tipping over trash cans night, and Brooke and her friends hatch a plan to find the culprit. They are surprised by what they find, but are more surprised to learn they are partly to blame. As Brooke’s story unfolds in parallel with that of an animal she names “Ocho,” she learns that by taking a few simple actions, one can start to break bad habits. Together with the Nature Club, Brooke vows to improve her own health while protecting local wildlife.

ISBN 978-1-7329156-2-6

Book 4: Making a Splash


Is the swim-a-thon doomed?

When Zack falls off a ladder and breaks his arm, the worst part isn’t his injury—it’s missing the Nature Club’s upcoming swim-a-thon. Stuck sitting by the creek while the others practice their strokes, Zack discovers a froglet with a damaged limb and names it Rana. Zack and his friends spring into action to help the froglet, only to discover more and more human-made hazards for the little frogs. As Zack’s story unfolds in parallel with Rana’s, he learns how important it is to care for the environment. In the end, Zack and his friends from the Nature Club plot out how to do exactly that—for the frog and themselves.

ISBN 978-1-7329156-3-3

Book 5: We All Are One


  Can one person make a difference?

The night Miguel arrives to visit his Nature Club friends, he gets a rare glimpse of a bobcat. When he sees the bobcat again the next day, he excitedly names it Clementine, but notices it looks thin, tired, and unhealthy. After accidentally kicking his soccer ball into a neighbor’s shed, he figures out why. Miguel and his friends send the bobcat to a wildlife rehabilitator, but Miguel wishes he could make a wider impact than on just one animal. As Clementine recovers, Miguel and his Nature Club friends learn we are all connected through a complex web of life, and through it, we have the opportunity to make a world of difference.

ISBN 978-1-7329156-4-0

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What if YOU were a bear?

Can you imagine having paws instead of hands? Eating acorns and ants? Sleeping through the whole winter? Come find out what it's like to be a bear. First place media award winner at the National Association for Interpretation. Published by the Sequoia Natural History Association. All proceeds go to environmental education.

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Wholesale orders: 559.565.4256

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In Speaking of Bears, author Rachel Mazur draws on interviews with more than 100 individuals to tell the history of how Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks created a human-bear problem so bad that there were eventually over 2,000 incidents in a single year. She then describes the pivotal moments during which park employees used trial and error, conducted research, invented devices, collaborated with other parks, and found funding to get it under control. Published by FalconGuides. 

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